Welcome To Trinity College Community Child Care Center TC4

Construction Update Week of May 13, 2013

At this morning’s meeting, we were notified that the small playground will be offline (unable to be used) as of May 24th.  We are currently working with the college on a temporary playground which will be licensed by CT Department of Health/Daycare Licensing prior to use. 

The shed on the large playground will not be moved for the electrical conduit and instead the space between the shed and the fence that parallels the sidewalk to Crescent Street will be used.  Temporary fencing will be placed in the area while the work is completed  during the 3rd week in June. 

While the new dormitories are being constructed, fixed fencing along with wind barriers will be in place along the curb.  All demolition debris will be removed via Crescent Street.

The gas line installation has been pushed back to the fall after the dormitories are completed.  Consigli Construction Co. Inc., will be digging the line and will be working around our busy drop off/pick up times.

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